Investing in WPCC

About three decades ago, the founders of White Plains Children’s Center had a vision.  That vision was of a world where everyone feels they belong, where typical and special needs people celebrate life equally side by side, where age old biases and prejudices are replaced with a spirit of inclusion, where everyone is valued and respected.   With that vision, the courage of their convictions, and the help of some generous friends;  the White Plains Children’s Center was founded.


Thirty years later, The WPCC still successfully serves families and communities because that vision continues to inspire generations of new employees and generous supporters. 


Before 1982, no resource existed in Western Wake County to serve families of children with special needs.  Those families did they best they could on their own to educate their children, often in isolation.  However that isolation did nothing to address the existing stereotypes, biases, and expectations.  Fortunately for these families and for the community, the new White Plains Children’s Center offered a place, with a mission “To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children with special and typical needs can grow and learn together in acceptance of one another”.

Scientists and Medical Professionals tell us that 85% of a person’s brain connections are hard wired before they start school.  That means the period of time between birth and Kindergarten is the most critical period in a person’s life for creating the framework for a physically and emotionally healthy individual with the maximum capacity to thrive, learn, and contribute to society.   Our education programs, taught by highly skilled professionals and delivered in an inclusive environment help build those brain connections; absent the typical biases and prejudices.  WPCC graduates have lived and learned in a unique setting, where every individual is respected and diversity is celebrated. 


In the three decades since its founding, White Plains Children’s Center, remains the only resource in Western Wake County with a program of inclusion.  This school, over its long and successful history, has become a reliable part of the educational infrastructure of Wake County.  Early graduates of the WPCC are now adults and if  you are privileged to meet one, they will tell you just how well  WPCC prepared them for school and for life.   Their WPCC memories are still vivid years after leaving our classrooms.

We are exceptionally proud of our students and our service to the communities.  By Parent and Children testimonies and by their successes, we know we’ve made a difference for hundreds of children and families.  With our committed staff and with partners like you, we will continue to provide this exceptional service for another thirty years and more.

Unlike many other child care centers, we are a non-profit.  We depend on generous donors to help us serve as many families as possible.  As a non-profit  your contributions are tax deductible.  But more importantly, with your investments you will help keep the vision alive, you will help uniquely educate more children, and  you will be joining with us to help create a bias-free, diverse future for us all. 

Contributions of all sizes are appreciated and truly make a difference.  Click here to donate.

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