Mary Kay WPCC Promotion

Laura Dyke

Hello, my name is Laura Dyke.  I am a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay and my son is in the Panda Class.  I am so excited to be helping White Plains Children’s Center with this fundraiser. 

From April 16th to the 27th, for all orders you place for yourself or get others to order, 40% of the sale will be donated to the Parent Association of the White Plains Children’s Center.  This is a great way to help fund growth and special projects, such as special classroom projects and our playground renovations.   So, if 50 of us sell $100 of Mary Kay products, the school will get $2,000.   

I will pick up orders from the school each day.  Put your completed order forms with payment attached,  in the designated drop box located in the Admin area of the school as you enter through the main school doors.  I will process all the orders on the 27th.  I will deliver the products to the school as soon as they are filled.  Orders can take 7 – 10 days to fill, so the first delivery of product would be no sooner than the 4th of May. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top sellers!     

At WPCC are real Mary Kay packets for you.  But here you will have a virtual packet.   Click on each one to view.

You can also order at .  You must put “White Plains” in the notes section at checkout.  Doing that with your online order will count as part of our WPCC promotion and be counted for our Sales prizes. 

Contact me if you have any questions, comments, etc. -

Laura Dyke, 919-886-5425,