Carpool & Transportation

Arrival / Departure Procedures during COVID-19

- All arrivals and departures will occur through the back-carpool entrance.
- All adults (staff and family members) must be wearing a mask covering their nose and mouth during arrival and departure per NC state mandate.
- Please be patient with staff as we all acclimate to these new procedures.

Arrival Procedures

  • Parents/guardians dropping a student off MUST complete the online health questionnaire daily before dropping off. This form MAY NOT be completed more than 1hr before arrival. https://form.jotform.com/201525942555153
  • Everyone MUST remain in their vehicle unless at one of the two marked cones.
  • Parents will pull up to one of two cones marked. Only families at the cones may exit their vehicles.
  • Parents will get their child(ren) and any of their stuff out of the vehicle and line up on 1 of 2 socially distant markers.  You will put the child’s belonging and anything you need to drop off in a marked bin.  There will be a tuition box available as well.
  • Staff will confirm completion of the daily health questionnaire, both the adult and child(ren) will have their temperatures taken and recorded with a no-touch thermometer. Pending answers on the health questionnaire and a satisfactory temperature of parent and child, a staff member will grab the child’s belongings and escort the child to their classroom.
  • If a staff member is not readily available at the carpool entrance when you arrive please wait outside. You may use the available doorbell if does not appear that anyone is in the immediate vicinity.  Please do not honk, our neighbors don’t appreciate it and please be patient.

Departure Procedures

  • Parents may use the doorbell to alert staff to their arrival for pick up.
  • It will be helpful to use the Remind app to alert teachers you are on your way if you are arriving at a time that may vary from your typical pick-up time. This way we can help your child pack and get ready for dismissal.
  • Parents MUST remain outside at all times.
  • A staff member will escort your child(ren) to the back-carpool exit. Parents will be responsible for securing their children in their cars.
  • Please remain socially distant during dismissal. If two parents are already waiting for their child, please remain in your vehicle until one of the standing place markers opens up.
Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.54.33 AM

Click to enlarge the picture.  Please follow the green arrows to access the carpool line.

Details about Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Transportation

For students with special needs, receiving services through Wake County Schools, the county provides transportation to and from White Plains Children’s Center (WPCC). Children are picked up at their homes, brought to the school, and a member of White Plains staff will meet the WCPSS vehicle and escort children to their classrooms. Children are never “dropped off” without being received by one of our staff. Parents may also choose to provide their own transportation. If you have questions or concerns, please contact WCPSS Transportation or the transportation provider, Reese’s.

*Please remember that WCPSS does not provide transportation when WCPSS is not in session.