Volunteer Hours


We love our White Plains Children’s Center volunteer community! Parents who volunteer throughout the year at WPCC truly make our school all the better!  Studies have shown that parent involvement in schools is the first step to parent engagement and, ultimately, parent partnership. When parents and teachers work together to establish a thriving classroom, the effect is profound. Students with engaged parents don’t just have higher test scores: their attendance, self-esteem, and graduation rate rise, too.  These parent-teacher relationships start early and are more than an optional classroom benefit. They are key for helping students on a personal and classroom level reach their full potential.


This year each family is responsible for 8 volunteer hours per family each school year.  Parents/Guardians/Families can help WPCC in many ways by providing their time, energy and resources.

To make logging your volunteer hours as easy as possible, please fill out your hours online at the link below. Please, fill out volunteer hours as you complete them, so we can keep your volunteer time as accurate as possible!