Fall Fun

Get outside and explore together!

It may seem the fall season limits the activities families and kids can do outside. Not so! Anything you do in the summer can be done in the fall- except swimming, of course!


The Triangle area offers numerous outdoor activities geared towards families of all ages. Below is a list of things you and your family can explore together in your home and out in your community. Enjoy!

Help your child explore their world through sensory play!


  • Cut open pumpkins and gourds and ask your child to scoop out the “guts” with their hands. Don’t be afraid to get messy!




Math and science is everywhere! Here are some places to explore as a family and some activities to try out at home:

“Play is the highest form of research” -A. Einstein 

Help your child build their early learning skills through outdoor play! Through outdoor play, children can develop all skill areas: language/speech, problem solving, social, gross/fine motor, and emotional. By visiting the following places in our community or by implementing one of these fun activities, your family can enjoy the season all while further developing early learning skills through play!


Get your family active in the kitchen! This is a great opportunity to work on pre-math skills, language and speech and introducing healthy eating concepts.

  • Fall Family Picnic– Have your child help you create a picnic meal! Use seasonal foods to create a healthy meal for you and your family and head outside!

Take a hike! There are many places all over the state to view fall foliage. Here are a few places close to us to check out with the family:

Discover fall through reading!