INCLEMENT WEATHER ALERT:   None at this time.

< style="color:#61b4e4;" class=" subtitle ">INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY

WPCC will make every attempt to remain open during inclement weather conditions.  Administration will exercise the authority to make decisions concerning closings or delays. Safety of children and staff will be taken into account when making decisions.

Closings and delays will be posted as early as possible on WRAL-TV, WPCC social media sites, this website page and on the Center’s Inclement Weather/Announcements voice mail greeting (919-469-2217 x 607).


If your child is a WCPSS student, they are to follow closings and delays for Wake County Public Schools.  If White Plains Children’s Center is open, and WCPSS is not, you may choose to pay privately for your child to attend, however the “public school holiday” daily rate will apply.  Transportation will follow WCPSS closures and delay schedule.  For example, if WCPSS has a 2 hour delay, Wake County students will arrive at 11am, instead of 9am.  Visit the Wake County Public School website for up to date information about closures and delays.