Welcome to the new and improved WPCC Website!

Over the last few months Madison and I have been working diligently on building a new and improved website for WPCC with the help of a volunteer named Tevan.  The old site desperately needed to be weeded through, updated and honestly, much of it just needed to be purged.  One small glitch…. Madison, nor I were remotely competent in web design or WordPress.  Through an awesome website called Activate Good, Madison put out a call for help and we were very fortunate to meet Tevan.

The new website should be brighter, more informative and most importantly easier to navigate and keep updated.  On the homepage just below the slideshow of our adorably cute children, you will find quick and easy links to the most asked about information.  Things like the menu, carpool, tuition and inclement weather.  On the “CLASSES” page you will find each of our classes represented with detailed information about the skills that each age range works on addressing.  On the “QUESTIONS & ANSWERS” page, you will find links to our family handbook, information about our sick policy and answers to other frequently asked questions.  On the homepage you will also find pages to address Music Therapy and Soccer Shots, so that the information is readily available to you.

Also on the homepage, when your scroll half way down, are upcoming events, closures and WCPSS workdays and early releases.  For a most encompassing calendar that displays the next 12 months worth of events, click the “EVENTS” tab at the top of the homepage.  You can subscribe to this calendar and it will be imported to your personal calendar such as google calendar or iCal.

If you are interested in getting to know your child’s teachers better or the general staff of WPCC, check out the “STAFF” page, found on the far right of the homepage under the slideshow.  Here you will find pictures and few tidbits of information about each of our staff members.  You would be amazed at how many pictures 19 women have to take to just get one that they approve of!  So take a minute, explore the new site, and check back, because we will be continuing to update the site regularly!